38th Annual TAG Fall Cave-In

October 8th-11th 2015
Little River - Lookout Mountain, GA

Registration for the 38th TAG Fall Cave-in is now open!

Hammocks Fire!Fire!  Glowing Kids

Photos Courtesy of Chuck Canfield

Welcome to the 38th Annual TAG Fall Cave-In

Thanks so much for stopping in!

Be sure you stop by the Schedule page to learn about this year's happenings.

This year's event is scheduled for October 8-11, 2015 atop Lookout Mountain (Georgia), above Rising Fawn on the Little River Preserve -- the same location we've used for the past TWELVE years now! By the way - TAG is always the weekend before Columbus day.

Registration is open through the event. If you will be arriving after hours (midnight on Thursday or Friday, 4pm on Saturday) make sure you register online. After hours the only way to get in before the next morning is to have registered online before we closed that night. So if you are driving in from multiple states away and you think you might not make it - pull over and register from you phone before midnight EST. Then it doesn't matter how late you get there - you can go right in and set up camp. Otherwise you will be stuck out side the gate till morning.

 Head over to our Facebook page and join the rest of the crew if you haven't already.

A few of you may be asking "What is the TAG Fall Cave-in?" Well, it's our very own event and fun fundraiser to support our Atlanta-area caving club, the Dogwood City Grotto -- one of the largest and most active grottoes in the National Speleological Society.

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